How To: Make a foam core skimboard

This video sequence demonstrates the process of building a rather professional looking skimboard with a foam core and wood spine. All the materials are readily available at home improvement stores. While this build might seem a bit laborious, it's a great way to customize your skimboard to suit your needs. The instruction and advice the demonstrator provides also makes the skimboarding project less intimidating. So watch this video and learn how to make your own foam core skimboard.

How To: Make a skimboard

Skimboarding is a fun sport similar to both surfing and skateboarding. Plywood boards are ridden out into the surf from the shore or are used to perform tricks in the shallow water. This how to video demonstrates how to build your own skimboard and customize it to your liking. All you need is plywood board, a jigsaw, sandpaper, and paint. Happy skimboarding!

How To: Learn to Skimboard

This video will teach you how to skimboard like a pro as well as how to do basic tricks. The skimboarders in this video are extremely knowledgeable and can teach you a lot about the sport.

How To: Make a carbon fiber skimboard

A cool skimboard can really set you back. What's more, you're only buying designs off the shelf. In this video, you'll see how to make your own skimboard out of carbon fiber. It will be a lot cheaper than the store-bought kind, and you'll be able to design the graphics yourself.

How To: Skimboard as a level one beginner

In this video shot on the shores of Long Beach in 1999, a little boy guides you through the basics of beginning skimboarding. Obviously these tips are fairly basic, but he's pretty well-informed for his age. He even demonstrates a few tricks, including the 360, the sit-down style, and the flip.

How To: Do a skimboard no-comply

The no-comply is a very tricky skimboard move. It's definitely not for beginners, it can take a lot of time and practice to pick it up. This video will get you started with the basics, offering up a video demonstration with a text breakdown.

How To: Body surf

Jump into the action this summer by learning how to body surf. WARNING: Never swim alone in the ocean. Beware of coral, jellyfish, and unexpected sandbars.

How To: Skimboard basics

Want to get started skimboarding? For those interested in surfing and skating might enjoy this fun sport that stays mostly in the shallow water at the shore. Before you get started doing any tricks, this video will teach the basics of getting started skateboarding like how to get in the water and positioning the board. Check out this how to video and start skimboarding.

How To: Make a concave skimboard

Watch this step-by-step instructional video, showing how to create your very own concave skimboard. Take it from an Australian guy who knows just a little bit about skimboards. To make your skimboard, you will need several materials. Watch the video to learn what you will need.

How To: Skimboard

This is an instructional video on how to skimboard. Video teaches some basic tricks, tips, and reasons to be a skimboarder. There is also an included trick reel at the end of the video of the skimboarder doing tricks.

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